Why Single-Page Sites are Taking Over Perth Website Design by Storm
August 3, 2023
Why Single-Page Sites are Taking Over Perth Website Design by Storm

2014 is expected to see more signs of web evolution triggered by changes in Google’s search engine algorithms, roll out of HTML5, and the continuing popularity of mobile devices. One of the innovations that has taken the Perth website design community by storm is the popular use of single-page websites. Tim Boylen has made a compelling observation on his website Boylen as to why single-page design is here to stay:

“Single page websites will continue to grow in popularity throughout 2014. With mobile web consumption hitting all-time highs, single page web experiences help bridge the gap between fixed width and responsive design, eliminating the need to navigate between pages.”

So what makes the single-page website design appealing to netizens and consumers? Looking at some features found on popular single-page websites, it becomes easy to understand the appeal behind this particular web design:

  • Includes enough content but isn’t cluttered. Single-page sites have taken advantage of various techniques such as lightboxes, overlays, and expanding or repositioned tile. These reduce the amount of clicks users do on a webpage as the tools provide a way to organise information creatively.
  • Taking advantage of scrolls. Scrolling or parallax scrolling is a suitable design technique that complements a single-page site. With ingenuity, designers can make a webpage look like it’s employing an animation tool to tell stories or convey information.
  • Platform for creativity. Single-page websites have become the platform for the most creative designs like that of Samsung Galaxy Note Pro’s website in Chile and the Mario Kart website for Nintendo Australia.
  • Encourages user exploration. Single-page websites often have their unique ways of navigation that is not seen on traditional websites. This entices site visitors to do some exploring themselves and immerse in the overall online experience.
  • Common bridge to all platforms. With the prevalence of mobile devices and smartphones, people have become accustomed to horizontal and vertical viewing. As these can also be done on pc and laptops, single-page design offer the best of both worlds.

Website designers in Perth, such as Viper Online Marketing, that optimise websites for mobile device access can make use of single-page designs to create pages that are suitable for all platforms. As 50% of Internet searches are done on mobile devices, it is common sense that new and old websites have to be compatible with tablet and smartphones. And using the single-page web design can give your websites that edge over other mobile-optimised pages.

(Source: 2014 Web Design Trends, Tim Boylen, March 28, 2014)

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