Web Designers in Perth Getting your Music Site Right the First Time
April 3, 2014
Web Designers in Perth Getting your Music Site Right the First Time

Professionals looking for exposure of their craft, like musicians, will hit upon the idea of running their own website. An article by Chris Robley for the DIY Musician notes things can be more complicated than you think:

“Don’t give your web visitors an excuse to hit the “back” button

Someone is checking out your website. You’ve done something right — announcing your URL from stage, optimizing your site for Google search, doing targeted advertising on Facebook, etc. — and here they are, checking out your online headquarters, waiting to be dazzled.

But that’s only half the battle.

You now need to KEEP them on your website for more than 5 seconds if you want that person to buy a CD, book you for a festival gig, download a new track, review your latest album, attend a show, or sign up for your email newsletter.”

The struggle to get your songs– your voice– out there for people to hear is never more competitive Down Under than in Perth. Many of Australia’s famous acts, such as The Triffids, and Pendulum, plus the Farriss brothers of INXS, originated from Perth; the city is also known for the Big Day Out and the homegrown Rock-It music festivals. If your aiming to make a name for yourself in the music industry, you can start your march with a website made by web designers from Perth like the team at Viper Online.

Aural Stimulation Lite

Part of the process of assembling a music website is creating a playlist of your tunes and embedding them on the page itself. You can upload up to three song samples to get your visitors piqued, plus embedded Youtube videos. However, Robley stresses that your media players must not be set to auto-play; you never know if your latest visitor will want to check out the site in silence.


Cultivating a fan base for your website requires writing good content about yourself and your interests; one-liners regarding being an up-and-coming act in the “About Us” section will not hack it. Consult a web designer in Perth about opening a blog for your materials, such as, say, your thoughts in making your music. Creating relevant, keyword-optimized content– such as your bio– can help inspire more interest in your sound. Furthermore, if your act is a band, be sure each member is profiled.


If your music excites fans and attracts new ones, your website must take advantage with an online store. You can tweak the page to have options for your albums, site-exclusive tracks, and other merchandise.

Improving your craft and performing your very best is always a potent combination as a musician. Taking your presence online can lead to better things.

(Source: The Top 5 Website Mistakes Musicians Make, The DIY Musician, October 15, 2013)

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