Tapping Web Designers in Perth for Your Business’ New Marketing Thrust
June 25, 2014
Tapping Web Designers in Perth for Your Business’ New Marketing Thrust

A business that revamped its market orientation across the spectrum needs to fix some key elements to sustain the push, like its websites being more attuned to the times. Campbell Phillips of Internet marketing news portal Power Retail reports on one company which reinvented itself with a heavy salvo:

“Australian-based fashion and apparel pureplay, The Iconic has announced a new-look, fully-responsive website design in a bid to enhance customer experience, as well as repositioning the brand as even more of an Australian fashion destination.

Further, the optimisation and back-end enhancements performed by The Iconic’s in-house developers has rendered a website that now displays average load speeds of under two seconds, while the mobile-first design ethos caters to the growing number of shoppers using smartphones and tablets to access The Iconic. These consumers now account for 50 percent of the site’s traffic.”

The change in direction may be familiar to business operators in Perth. Although the capital of Western Australia has been focused on mining and agriculture among other industries, some small businesses are taking advantage of growth in the local economy to plant stakes in diversified markets, even if they have to rebrand. If you are operating one such business, aiming to bring in new customers, web designers from Perth like those at Viper Online are the people to talk to.

You may review The Iconic’s website to analyse which design cues might work for you, whether on a PC or on a mobile device. You may then experiment on such designs with a web designer. The Iconic’s main page, for example, already has linked images and drop-down menus for women’s and men’s clothing sections. Going down the page reveals a second set of images with links to feature articles or promos.

Another thing you can take up with a web designer in Perth that you’d want to work with is the flexibility in mobile device viewing. Some experts state that if you’re accessing a site from say, an Android platform, the functionalities there must work as well in an iOS platform. Phillips notes the tweets of a customer who lamented that the site crashed on him a number of times.

A business website that has mobile-device viewing options can endear itself to customers if it has an app that can access pages quickly on any platform. The Iconic team put up both iOS and Android apps when the new site went live.

Rebranding a business after thorough preparation may signal better things to come. A business that wants to tap the huge potential of the Internet in its rebranding effort can turn to website design professionals like Viper Online to help build customer traffic.

 (Source: The Iconic Repositions Brand with New-look Website, Power Retail, 28 May 2014)

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