Taking Your Perth SEO Strategies Even Further with Some Expert Help
October 7, 2014
Taking Your Perth SEO Strategies Even Further with Some Expert Help

Marketing is all about getting your customers interested with your products or services, but there are many ways to tackle it. The startupsmart.com.au website has a feature article dated August 26, 2014 that suggests several innovative ways for marketers to improve their promotions. Notably, one of the suggestions pitched by the feature involves teasing customers with just enough information to get them hooked:

Knowledge is power, and in this day and age it is our most valuable commodity – not to mention our biggest point of difference. Sharing relevant and interesting information builds your credibility and positions you as an expert in your field, giving potential customers the confidence in doing business with you.

The trick here though, is in knowing how much of your knowledge to give away, as it will depend on the action you need a potential customer to take. Being a ‘teaser’ your information should be limited, but at the same time it needs to be enough to build trust and leave potential customers, followers or readers feeling like you’ve given them real value.

As the article highlights, information is a valuable resource that customers are constantly looking for. While websites are the perfect places for businesses to share information to their consumers, there are other creative ways to dispense relevant info to attract as many prospects as possible on the Internet. Businesses should get in touch with professional Perth SEO companies such as Viper Online Marketing in order to explore other avenues for exciting online marketing.

There is more to online marketing than just using a website. Businesses might want to consider using other platforms, such as social media, to approach their customers in dynamic and innovative ways. Social media networks, for instance, are extremely popular, and can facilitate the fast sharing of information among users and their peers. While social media is a powerful vehicle for distributing facts and marketing content, businesses cannot just outright dump too much stuff on their profiles—excessive amounts of information can turn away those just looking for a quick and simple answer. Businesses that have trouble utilising the subtleties of social media marketing can try approaching an experienced SEO company in Perth for help.

(Source: Three ways to be more compelling in your sales and marketing, startupsmart.com.au, Aug. 26, 2014)

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