Seo For Restaurants

Those empty tables are costing you a lot.

You know you have to do something about it right here, right now, or you'll lose your business. But how do your start?

Don't worry. We can help you.

1. Get a mobile-friendly website!

Do you have a website for your restaurant? Is your website mobile-friendly?

Nowadays, not having a website is like not having a business.

On the other hand, if your website is not enhanced for mobile use, you are losing more customers than you think. A recent study suggests that more than half (67%) of users are likely to make a purchase if a site adjusts automatically to their devices.

Sixty-seven percent of users are likely to make a purchase if a site is responsive.

2. Get SEO, local marketing and social media marketing done for your restaurant.

If you don't do this, then your website will hardly be found.

More than half of consumers (51%) are turning to major search engines, as well as social networking sites, to seek information about local businesses. When asked what business they look for when conducting searches online, 67% of consumers replied with restaurants.

Consumers who research about a restaurant online have a high purchase rate of 80%. Additionally, their research-to-purchase cycle is fast, with 64% of them completing their purchase within one hour.

of consumers look for restaurants when searching for businesses online

is the purchase rate of consumers who researched for restaurants online

of consumers complete their purchase within an hour

3. Get positive reviews and 5-star ratings for your restaurant!

If you don't have positive reviews online, then how can you compete with restaurants with glowing feedback?

Seventy-eight percent (78%) of diners are using their mobile devices to check reviews about restaurants before making a reservation or making an order.

Seventy-eight percent of your potential customers are using their mobile devices to check reviews about restaurants.

4. Offer promos to your customers.

If you don't offer promos, then how can you compete with restaurants that do?

Customers are looking at your promos to decide whether or not they would order from your restaurant. Seventy-eight percent (78%) say discounts make them more likely to order, while 68% responded with loyalty points.

Our SEO, Local Buzz, Social Media Marketing services are promo-ready. They are designed to integrate well with your promos.

of consumers say discounts make them more likely to order

of consumers say loyalty points make them more likely to order

Cook up the most effective online marketing strategy that will lure in new customers for your restaurant.

We have the recipe.

We understand that it's not easy for restaurant owners like you to understand complicated online marketing jargon and processes, as well as fully manage an ever-evolving mix of online marketing strategies and tactics. After all, you still have the task of running a restaurant on top of everything.

That's exactly why we offer restaurants our top-notch online marketing services: to cater to your needs and serve up a variety of solutions to your problems.

For a complete and effective online marketing campaign, you'll need the following "ingredients":

  • Web Design: We set up a website for your business that caters to a variety of devices, such as desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets.
  • SEO: We boost your online presence by applying the appropriate SEO techniques designed to give your website prominent ranking on search engines.
  • Brand Establisher: We establish your restaurant's brand by securing your accounts through different online platforms, complete with professional design.
  • Local Buzz: We boost your local listings, check-ins and maps to make sure that your potential customers can easily locate you.
  • PPC Advertising: We drive more traffic to your site instantly by applying excellent pay-per-click advertising techniques that suit your industry.
  • Online Reputation Management: We enhance and maintain your good reputation online through proper ORM techniques.
  • Website Audit: We provide a thorough analysis of your website to solve possible issues that may keep it from ranking on search engines.
  • Brand Booster: We publish content about your restaurant in the form of videos and articles on your blog in order to boost your brand.

We can prepare any or all of these into a strategic online marketing concoction served hot for you!

In the same way that you entrust the creation of the menu and management of your kitchen to your chef, trust us to establish a delectable online presence for your business.

Now is the time to join the growing number of businesses that we have helped.

  • We can establish brand awareness for your restaurant
  • We can increase your traffic
  • We can help convert your online visitors to become loyal and happy customers!

Developing the most effective online marketing strategies for your business require as much attention as choosing the right ingredient to bring out the taste of a great dish.

We have the right elements in our marketing campaigns to help you engage new customers and grow your restaurant business.

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