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The online marketing space is changing at a very rapid pace. With billions of business pages on the Internet, it keeps getting harder and harder for your practise to be found when potential patients look for services you offer online.

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You know you need to optimise your online presence today or you’ll lose serious business. Problem is, you have no idea how, and don’t have the time to execute online marketing.

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You know how the modern world works: Potential clients search for eye care services and professionals using search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. They visit websites looking for medical eye care options, eye exams, prescription eyewear, and contact lenses. They listen to people in their online circles. They check out online reviews; watch videos on their smartphones. Then they call or email a practise of their choice to schedule an appointment. The question is…

Are you going to show up in their online field of view, or are your competitors going to steal the spotlight?

These days, eye care providers face fierce competition for patients who are being actively pursued online. To succeed in this environment, you need to reach your potential patients wherever they are, appeal to their needs, and allow them to see you as their best choice.

You need to be visible, and more importantly, you need to engage your potential patients. In other words, you should be marketing your eye care services intelligently online. How can you do that? Well, to thrive in the online marketing arena, you need our online marketing expertise.

Many online marketing firms out there can offer online marketing assistance for your practise, but the truth is, hardly any of them understand the industry you are in.

It’s good to be picky. After all, you deserve only the best online marketing partner for your profession.

We know that the optometry industry in Australia remains strong, with its overall revenue amounting to as much as $3 billion. Approximately, there are a total of 3,010 optometry businesses in Australia, employing 9, 125 people, according to recent statistics.

Much of the research your potential patients do are performed online. According to a survey, of the 74% of adults who use the Internet, 80% have looked online for information about health topics, such as specific eye care exams, eye wear and contact lenses.

Because of the growing number of patients looking for eye care services on the Web, a lot of optometrists are bringing their practise online to cater to their needs.

50% of private practise optometrists seek the help of an outside service to manage their website

1 in 3 optometry websites have appointment scheduling functionality

1 in 5 optometry websites enable patients to order products online

Indeed, more and more optometrists are recognising the need to cater to today’s tech-savvy patients. Social media now plays a key role in their efforts. Recent studies reveal that as much as 50% of optometry practises have social media for their business.

Here is the breakdown of healthcare marketers using social media to market their services:

75% use Facebook

71% use YouTube

70% use Twitter

56% use LinkedIn

23% use Google+

22% use Pinterest

Our online marketing services and proven expertise can help you attract more eye care patients for your practise.

It’s not enough that you have an online presence. You need a solid and strong online marketing strategy to successfully reach out to patients who need your expert eye care services.

Because you need to stay focused on more important aspects of running your optometry practise, we’re here to help you maximise your online marketing efforts.

Our company provides:

  • Brand Optimisation: We optimise your brand’s online expansion based on insights about your online visibility per category, target location, competition, and strategic priorities.
  • SEO: We offer professional search engine optimisation (SEO) services to help your website rank significantly on search engines, thus helping you increase your brand’s presence.
  • Local Buzz: We optimise your presence on local listings, directories, and maps so potential patients can easily locate you whenever they are in a target area.
  • Web Design: We build a responsive and mobile-friendly website for your practise that automatically adjusts to any screen size.
  • PPC Advertising: We execute proper pay per click (PPC) techniques that match your practise, thus helping you enhance your online visibility.
  • Online Reputation Management: We establish and maintain a good online reputation for your practise by implementing the right reputation management techniques.
  • Website Audit: We ensure your website is Google-compliant by regularly tracking its performance and doing an in-depth analysis to detect any malicious issues.
  • Brand Establisher: We claim, secure, and establish your brand across different online platforms, complete with professional design.
  • Brand Booster: We publish compelling content for your brand in the form of videos and articles on both your website and blog.

Join the number of businesses that we have helped through online marketing and gain:

  • Increased online visibility and traffic
  • Improved brand awareness
  • More happy and loyal patients
  • Your long-awaited business growth!

Go ahead and continue to provide expert eye care, while we keep an eye on your online marketing!

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