Search Engine Optimisation for Perth Websites Needs Strong Foundations
November 3, 2014
Search Engine Optimisation for Perth Websites Needs Strong Foundations

Proper search engine optimisation for Perth websites starts from the ground up. Blunders in web design and marketing can lower a company’s search engine ranking, and once its website is up and running, it could take a complete overhaul of the webpages to start drawing traffic to the site once again.

This is why you’ll need to get it right the first time around—a task dependable Perth SEO services, such as Viperonline, should be able to do professionally. The first key is search engine optimisation, which utilises the strategic use of keywords. However, using the “right,” keywords mean more than just getting a lot of hits, as Edmund Ingham explains in his recent article for Forbes:

Just because a keyword phrase has over 10,000 searches each month it doesn’t mean it’s right for YOUR business. Get to know your target audience well, find out what words they generally use to find your services or products. If you can afford it, it’s worth doing a survey first before starting the keyword research process. You can also Pay-Per-Click to find out which keywords are working for you and which are not. Having that information in hand will save you weeks if not months of SEO work.

Another factor that should be considered when utilising SEO technique is your content. Fresh and targeted content is what gets a website the traffic the company needs. The sites that rank high on search engine sources are regularly updated and offer specific and interesting information relevant to the industry and to the lives of their target consumers. An excellent way to draw traffic to your website through compelling and helpful content is to integrate blogs to the site, ensuring a steady stream of updated and thought-provoking content for readers.

Search engines, such as Google, have long devised ways to gauge how well websites perform for potential users. For readers and potential customers to linger in your site, this means your website has to be designed well enough that potential customers find it easy to navigate through the content and other visual elements in the pages—providing them a smoother user experience. Search engines find it difficult to index sites that seem like a mess, riddled as they are with troublesome technical issues. This is why it is best to leave website design to professionals.

Your website should also have many other sites linking to it. Search engines often judge a webpage’s reader-worthiness by how many other pages get linked to it. Having valid link-backs ultimately help increase a website’s ranking. These links helpfully provide additional traffic to your site.

(Source: The SEO Secrets Every Business Should Know, Forbes, October 23, 2014)

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