Reiterating the Importance of Maintaining Good Perth SEO Practices
May 5, 2014
Reiterating the Importance of Maintaining Good Perth SEO Practices

Business owners and Internet marketers looking for effective methods to rank highly on search engines know that the web is chock-full of advice on the subject. Marketers have been working on ways to beat search engine algorithms at their own game for years, and the flood of these atrocious techniques have hijacked the meaning of good SEO.

Wait. Understanding and using patterns in search engine algorithms to boost organic search results is the dominant strategy, so why does this article start with the word reiterating if it accuses that strategy of hijacking the meaning of good SEO? Let’s dig a little deeper:

  • Good SEO means focusing on how best to help your customers. Customers who see your content as helpful and valuable are more likely to share it, thus increasing your reach.
  • Good SEO does not rely on shortcuts that may not work in the long run. Instead, time must be spent devising strategies unique to your website and your customers.
  • Good SEO is all about quality, not quantity. Customers won’t notice you if you keep churning out low-value content. Coming out with good content takes time, but it’s better to post less and post better. Eventually, people will take notice, look forward to your posts, and willingly share them.
  • Good SEO is sustainable and won’t compromise your rankings during an algorithm change. Black hat tactics and risking a Google penalty are a no-no. This creates a win-win situation: You gain the advantage of better user satisfaction and get in the right position to move ahead when your competitors drop out of the races.
  • Good SEO plays by Google’s rules. Google is the leading search engine for a reason: they consistently provide high-quality results on searches. It might not always benefit marketers, but the consumers get what they want. Similarly, to win on Google, marketers have to play by the same rules that make the search engine giant so popular: give your users the best possible experience you can.

With that said, let’s get back to the business of the title. Why does it begin with reiterating? The same qualities of good SEO cited here aren’t just what search engines are looking for now, in fact, they have been telling marketers the same thing for years.

The evolution of search engine algorithms will undoubtedly continue, and the same standards of good SEO that have existed for years will likely persist well into the future. Thus, when working with a trusted company like Viper Online on strategies for search engine optimisation in Perth, perhaps it would be best to follow SEO and marketing expert Purna Virji’s advice on Search Engine Watch and make good Perth SEO practices your only mantra.

(Source: 5 New SEO Mantras to Replace Old, Inefficient Thinking, Search Engine Watch, April 28, 2014)

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