Questions to Ask a Perth App Developer on Creating Your Mobile Apps
August 3, 2023
Questions to Ask a Perth App Developer on Creating Your Mobile Apps

Do you need an app to help you sort your household budget? There are dozens of those. Do you need a virtual whoopee cushion? Yeah, there are apps for that too.

With so many mobile apps on the market, people are encouraged to try them all out. Experts estimate that each user will download roughly 80 apps per device. Unfortunately, they also claim that about 90 percent of those apps will be deleted.

Creating an app, which users may find helpful enough to let it take up valuable memory in his or her device, requires careful planning. Before you heavily invest in creating an app, ask yourself and your app development team the following questions:

Will an app address an issue(s) that my customers experience?

In today’s “what have you done for me lately?” world, you need to be able to address the needs of your customers on a regular basis. The same goes for mobile apps. An article from Entrepreneur explains further:

“Every successful product solves a problem that a great number of people experience. We all know that vitamins have a positive impact if you take them regularly. Yet, if you miss a dose, there’s no harm done. However, if you’ve got a bad headache, an Aspirin becomes a must have product, without which you’d suffer far longer.

Your app needs to be the Aspirin that people need.

Are you making life simpler for your user? Is your mobile app intuitive? Can people figure out how to use your app within seconds to minutes without any guidance?”

Don’t be afraid to ask your customers what they would like to see in your app. Not only do you create an app that addresses their needs, but you also build a relationship with them.

What OS should I develop for?

The market for mobile devices is split among Android, iOS, and Windows. Each OS has a distinct interface, which means you cannot simply import the same design across the board. Doing so will only create a sense of awkwardness, that it doesn’t belong.

It can be difficult to choose which OS to develop for, especially if there is only enough space for one OS in your development budget. Consulting an app developer in Perth like Viper Online can help you make an informed decision.

No one said creating an app is simple; but when you plan it carefully, the benefits it provides to your business will be endless. Keep in mind that you and your team of Perth app developers should take the time to create a truly engaging mobile app, lest your app becomes one of the 90 percent.

(Source: 4 Essentials for Successful Mobile Apps; Entrepreneur Magazine; May 23, 2013)

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