Perth SEO Practices: Three Aspects of SEO That Warrant Full Attention
May 11, 2015
Perth SEO Practices: Three Aspects of SEO That Warrant Full Attention

To ensure a website’s authenticity and reliability, Google regularly comes up with algorithms called “spiders” that “crawl” and evaluate webpages for indicators that confirm whether or not a site provides value to users. Search engine optimisation, in a nutshell, is all about making sure these spiders are happy with what they see. Otherwise, you can expect your site’s rankings to plummet; Google might even ban it altogether.

The challenge lies in the fact that SEO is not a one-time deal; you need to keep up with Google’s updates if you don’t want your SEO methods rendered obsolete. That’s why help from a professional Perth SEO company is often a necessary part of the process. Here are three aspects of SEO where such services can prove invaluable:

Original Content

The most important practice you can do is to create extremely useful content that solves people’s need for insights or solutions. The idea behind SEO is to establish and maintain a relationship with your customers by helping them out. If your proposed solutions help a lot of people, you’ll find your content getting shared on social media and ranked by Google.


Backlinks are links from other website to your site. By obtaining more backlinks from trusted websites, you can help boost your search engine rankings. Producing quality content enables you, in turn, to build quality backlinks.

Optimised Website Components

Two major components constitute SEO: the offsite (social media, backlinks) and the onsite. Your onsite components must be optimised to help Google find your content and deem your site trustworthy. A cleanly coded website that loads fast, has no broken links anywhere, and offers original content is the epitome of an optimised website.

SEO means much more than just empty text nowadays. Therefore, you need to start getting the hang of using online media tools, including social media platforms. Use these tools wisely if you want Google to favour your site and thereby improve your visibility and ranking. To harness these tools to your full advantage, be sure to work with a trusted provider of Perth SEO services such as Viper Online.


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