Perth App Developers: Make Your Business Mobile App Work Effectively
February 2, 2015
Perth App Developers: Make Your Business Mobile App Work Effectively

With the increasing number of smartphone users in Australia, mobile apps have gradually established themselves as necessities rather than just mere embellishments for digital marketing. A 2014 study showed that smartphones have penetrated the population by 65%. 90% of these users have searched for local information and 78% for product information, while 41% purchased products using their phones. With these figures, mobile applications are, therefore, must-haves for small businesses which aim to be more competitive.

This is because customers tend to find apps catchier than ads. According to experts, users value apps for their functionality. If well-crafted, these can generate leads and boost conversion rates. The effectiveness of an app, however, depends greatly on design. If you consider employing this tool for your Perth business, here are some tips:

Ensure user-friendly design.

There must be a fine blend of appealing aesthetics and ease of usage. A bland design will not gather enough interest, but too much complexity might direct users’ fingers to the “Delete App” button. Also, the more intricate the app, the higher the cost, so make sure add-ons have a clear purpose. You should be actively involved in the conceptualisation when outsourcing the creation of these programs to Perth app developers like Viper Online.

Make it available to users for free.

Unless your business is big and popular enough such that you’re certain people are willing to pay extra money to keep in touch with you, offer your mobile business app for free. For a small business, the objective is to drive sales and increase exposure. More users will download an app if it’s for free. The investment pays for itself by growing your market base.

Give them a reason to come back.

Users should be updated with special offers, relevant news, or other reasons for them to keep the app on their screens. Always consider it as a project in progress rather than a finished one. See your app from your customers’ perspective: What makes you notice it? What value does it offer? If you find these difficult to answer, you might need to discuss ways to come up with more interesting content with the help of a professional app developer in Perth.

Promote your app.

Just like your product, your app has to stand out from its competitors. Let other people know about it through banner ads and blog ads, or use the most powerful tool for viral marketing: social media. You may post an ad on your Facebook page or create a fan page or Twitter account for your app, depending on where your market is. Strive to create enticing captions to generate good first impressions among new visitors and maintain credibility among long-time customers.

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