Perth App Developers Ask: Does Your Business Have Its Own App Yet?
May 13, 2015
Perth App Developers Ask: Does Your Business Have Its Own App Yet?

New apps seemingly pop up every second. Virtually every business category has one, from multinational firms to neighbourhood shops. Whatever need you envision, “there’s an app for that”, so goes the popular saying. If your business has yet to catch on to this trend, chances are you’re already lagging seriously behind in the digital race.

Last 28 April saw the InformationWeek Conference happen in Las Vegas, with a fantastic array of guests and panellists from the industry. In one panel discussion, Andi Mann, VP of products, strategy, and marketing at CA Technologies, offered this insight: “Every business is becoming a software business,” he said. What Mann actually means is that if you don’t have your own app, targeted success may be harder to come by.

Do you have plans of taking your business to the mobile and digital realm? If so, you will need to partner with a reputable Perth app developer. Look for a company capable of supplying continuous support to your web application. Why, you ask? Any app or software will always need improvement and upgrades, and having a strong partner in the continuous support, maintenance, and development of your app fulfils this need.

Four of the biggest advantages of working with such a partner include:

    • Adapting to the latest technology and design trends
    • Maintaining your competitive edge
  • Customising your strategies in response to evolving market demands
  • Tapping their expertise in other areas such as web design, search engine/social media marketing, and more to your benefit.

In a recent article, Apprenda CEO Sinclair Schuller said, “All large corporations are writing more software to be competitive.” He adds that PaaS (platform as a service), a cloud model that delivers apps and tools as a service over the Internet, is “the engine that equips the world’s biggest companies to quickly and efficiently write new applications so they can compete in a software-driven world.”

You don’t have to be a large company to savour the benefits of releasing your own business app. You might want to talk to Perth app developers like Viper Online about building the right application for your needs.


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