Now May Be the Perfect Time to Get Help from App Developers in Perth
November 4, 2014
Now May Be the Perfect Time to Get Help from App Developers in Perth

In a time when more and more compact mobile phones are offering something more interactive than just text messaging, technology for mobile apps is slowly edging out web browsing—this, according to high-profile developer and programmer Tim Bray.

Speaking at the Goto Conference for software developers in Denmark, Bray suggests that mobile apps are slowly but surely out-evolving the Web.

When it’s time to write an app — something interactive, not just a document with some hyperlinks — Web programmers must reckon with flawed foundations that have been patched over by a constantly shifting collection of tools.

The situation is very different for programmers working on apps that run on mobile phones and tablets based on Google’s Android operating system or Apple’s iOS. When managers tell them to write mobile apps, programmers often are eager because the software development kits are much better than for Web programmers.

“You’ve got these huge, elite teams at Google and Apple making the native mobile app development better,” Bray said at last week’s conference. “There are a lot of smart people working on browser technology, too, but I’m not sure they’re catching up.”

How it all shakes out will profoundly affect how we all use computing devices in the future.

Mobile phones are becoming ubiquitous tools for almost everyone these days. More and more people are undeniably turning to mobile internet surfing, using their iPhones or Android devices—whether checking their own social networking profiles or simply browsing for information. With mobile phones on the upsurge among consumers, more and more businesses are jumping into the gravy train, developing their own mobile apps to reach a wider audience.

Information is literally a fingertip away because of mobile apps. And, given the current condition between web browsing and mobile apps, it seems that for many companies, any marketing push for web browsers should also be complemented by dynamic programming for mobile users. To lay down the appropriate programming foundation right the first time, it’s best to seek help from reputable app developers in Perth with the experience and skill to create interactive and engaging mobile apps.

Web browsing technology may need some catching up, but, in the meantime, it’s here to stay. Currently, with easier software development kits existing for programmers of mobile apps, mobile technology is forging ahead, providing busy days for any accomplished iPhone app developer in Perth.

(Source: Mobile apps are leaving Web work in the dustcode guru laments, CNet)

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