App Development

Since the dawn of smartphones, mobile apps have been the cure-all to everyone’s needs.

By adapting multiple functions and features to a single mobile app, it’s now possible to do things with just a single tap on your smartphone. The technology has quickly became an integral part of people’s everyday lives.

Because of this change, different businesses across various industries also felt the urgency to join the new market brought by the mobile technology. But, simply placing ads on a particular app rarely gives any chance for business renewal and growth.

This is where the expertise of Viper Online, an app development company in Perth, Western Australia, can help.

The Mobile App Market

After observing the earlier efforts of businesses to generate traffic by placing advertisements on third party apps, we found out that this method doesn’t work, at least not anymore. That’s why we offer a unique service so that you can capitalise on the opportunity while still being practical.

Synergistic Online Marketing Efforts

In terms of digital marketing efforts, having a mobile app paired with a strong social media presence, business website, and listings can do more than just promote a business. A business mobile app can actually be the last piece of the puzzle to turn a surviving business into a thriving success.

Integrate Your Own Business Apps

While creating a business app isn’t as exciting as an updated version of popular mobile games, it serves the purpose of generating leads for a particular business. Business mobile apps show that a company is dedicated to providing its services in a larger scale. By having an independent mobile app, clients can quickly browse through your services, which can increase conversion rates. Here’s six app features that:

  • Build Customer Loyalty

    Build Customer Loyalty

    Your customers will love you by offering discounts, coupons and promotions all for using your app

  • Send Push Notifications

    Send Push Notifications

    Deliver instant messages direct to your customers mobile that get opened 97% of the time compared to 10% with email marketing

  • Create Viral Buzz

    Create Viral Buzz

    Customers can tell all their friends with the built-in sharing capabilities of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Email

  • Keep Customers Informed

    Keep Customers Informed

    Fill your app with information about your business, services, products, menus and much much more.

  • Promote Special  Events

    Promote Special Events

    Provide up to date information about business events, sales and promotions with an in app calendar

  • Connect With Ease

    Connect With Ease

    Make it simple for customers to reach you with one touch calling, email and GPS directions to your business



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