Mobile App Developers in Perth Strike a Balance Between Design and UX
March 9, 2015
Mobile App Developers in Perth Strike a Balance Between Design and UX

Businesses that make use of Apple iOS mobile apps as part of their marketing strategies cannot afford to ignore updates to this operating system. Consequently, mobile app developers in Perth always keep an eye out for the latest developments to help clients remain competitive in a busy, dynamic market.

Apple recently obtained a patent for “interactive application sharing”. This feature, according to Apple Insider, allows users to collaborate on some iPhone and iPad apps in real time (e.g. share and edit calendars, or perform screen sharing or live video sharing) through “an established wireless bridge”. Apple has yet to confirm if the invention will be featured in future iOS updates or flagship phones, even if similar apps or tools are already being offered on Google’s Android platform.

Proactive app developers have likely planned their next move by now. For instance, they may soon come up with apps designed to take advantage of the new sharing tool once it is rolled out to iPhone users. Such developers would also see to it that any app they develop for clients runs seamlessly (i.e. no lag times, bugs, and other issues) to make the user experience (UX) as smooth as possible.

Ensuring an Optimal User Experience

It makes no sense to overload an app with “cool features” if the app is riddled with inefficiencies or inconsistencies to begin with. The user interface can’t be too dull and unexciting, either. In short, the right balance between UX and design must be achieved.

Strategic Branding or Marketing

Another factor to consider is your branding or marketing goals. Every feature of your mobile app should be based on how you wish your brand to be recognised as well as the type of customer you would want to reach through the app.

You can, for example, offer customers a mobile app that serves as an e-commerce shop. The app can also be used as an information tool that provides useful tips and resources to help customers appreciate your services more thoroughly. These aspects can get you more positive reviews and higher ratings in app stores, thereby leaving good impressions on prospective customers and improving your brand visibility overall.

Count on a skilled iPhone app developer in Perth, such as Viper Online, to create the kind of mobile app that ensures the optimal user experience in line with your strategic branding goals.

(Source: Apple’s newest patent would let iPhone and iPad users collaborate on the same app in-real time, Business Insider Australia, February 25, 2015)

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