Influencers: Vital to Any Digital Marketing Strategy
July 8, 2016
Influencers: Vital to Any Digital Marketing Strategy

2016 might be the biggest year for SEO. With voice search and more user-friendly platforms ahead, it’s no wonder brands set apart bigger budgets for their digital marketing strategies.

If you aspire for a better future for your campaign, relying on SEO tools alone won’t make the cut. You may need the help of influencer marketing. By working with the right influencer, you improve audience development and brand discoverability, which encourages more reach, ROI and results.

Influencers are the Key

Creating websites and compelling content is easier than inviting the market to these platforms. You can improve the site all you want, but if it fails to gather attention, you waste efforts. Most brands and digital marketers continuously strive to seek better ways to capture more audiences.

Fortunately, influencers are here to help.

Since influencers are the bridge to your audience, gaining their trust is a must. It’s your responsibility to establish strong relationships with tried and tested influencers. There’s no such thing as a quick win, so be patient.

The Power of Word of Mouth

Influencer marketing also gives you access to word-of-mouth (WOM) marketing. Countless surveys and studies reveal that credible advertising always comes from people you trust. While a number only trust their intimate circle of friends and family, a majority is also willing to extend their trust to others outside the bubble, including other consumers’ opinions.

Influencers help brands tap into their inner WOM through an online platform. To stand out against the competition, it pays to have people talk about your brand.

Everyone Else is Doing It

That’s the truth — even your worst competitor in the field is approaching influencers for guidance. Influencer marketing guarantees content distribution, which is a factor in digital marketing success. Most brands wouldn’t want to miss out, and that includes the competition.

If you need a compelling reason to use influencer marketing, this is it. Everyone’s doing it, and so should you.

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