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Before you even brush your teeth in the morning, it is highly likely that you would have already turned to a mobile app for something or other. Whether it is to calculate your coffee budget or to find the location of a meeting, or to count calories, one thing is certain:

Mobile apps are an integral part of today’s society.

These days, applications (otherwise known as apps) play a major role in an individual’s “I-want-to-do/I-want-to-go moments.” Apart from entertaining and informing users, apps also serve as powerful tools in building deeper customer relations.

The perfect mobile app marketing strategy is one that complements a business’ offline experience. When done right, you can expect better e-commerce performance and customer connections from an effective strategy.

A perfect strategy, however, is not just a one-step process, nor does it only rely on app developers in Australia. It’s all about learning the following key points:

App Discovery: Not Just in the App Store

Most brands and marketers believe that consumers depend on the App Store for new applications; admittedly, a majority of consumers do. These stores are the automatic go-to for the latest in music streaming, gaming and more. But these are not the only ways to find other apps.

Consumers also find specific apps by deliberately searching for these, by surfing mobile websites and by watching related videos on YouTube. Keep in mind that search remains one of the major tools for app discovery. It remains prevalent in local apps, according to Google.

Engagement and Re-Engagement Matters

Most people depend on apps for their daily activities; they are also most likely to use apps for the varied functions and features they offer. App users rely on mobile applications to make life easier. But despite their helpfulness, some users immediately abandon the app after transactions.

Stay away from app fog by providing consumers with clear value. Give them more reasons to use your app continuously. Keep in mind that users need incentives to re-engage with abandoned applications. Work with a developer to determine the action point, which makes the app’s value clear.

Mobile apps are your best tools in winning more customers. Do not just rely on the power of the App Store for them to find you. Make sure your app is worth finding, first.

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