Improve Your Website Content with Help from a Perth SEO Specialist
August 3, 2023
Improve Your Website Content with Help from a Perth SEO Specialist

Every business must have good content to educate its customers about its products or services, but all that will not work if its web pages are not properly designed to appear well in search engines. This underlines a need for more search engine optimisation (SEO) work, as Nelson Dias explains, in his piece for Business2Community:

“To the dismay of businesses and marketers, SEO copywriting best practices do not guarantee high SERP rankings. They aren’t a foolproof way to skyrocket sales and conversions rates, either. While there are guidelines, and legitimate hints are dropped from time to time, nobody knows exactly what will rank web pages and appeal to prospects.

Nevertheless, industry best practices are still very much worth implementing. They are trusted copywriting and search engine optimization techniques – tried and tested methods that over time have proven effective in boosting rankings, web traffic, click-through rates, and sales. They can also enhance credibility and authority.”

A check of the Perth maps will show too many hits when looking for certain businesses in the area using general search terms. Narrowing down the search with targeted keywords leaves the potential customer with a handful to check out. When you want your business to be the one place online that offers the best deals and lets the people know that, have Perth SEO specialists, such as Viper Online, find a solution that will produce such results for you.

Targeted Keyword

A marketing specialist who is proficient in SEO can analyse your business and research the keywords that will best identify it. Some of the keywords that the person may find may result in lower rankings for your business, but modified versions of the keyword could push the business’ search engine visibility higher. Only then can you start writing articles around the keyword, particularly something related to your product or service.


There are some critical factors that could help your content push your business up the ranks. Dias states that your select keywords should be present in the article’s title, and inserted naturally somewhere in the text. Cut up the text into smaller sections to help readers understand the salient points of the article.

Human Elements

While the content should be professionally-written, it must have elements that tug at the reader’s interests. Some market research works in this matter, especially if part of your product line or service set is aimed at addressing issues in a demographic.

A batch of accurate content pieces can show a positive side of your business. A SEO company in Perth like Viper Online will optimise them to better rank the website in SERPs.

(Source: SEO Copywriting: 25 Best Practices For 2014, Business2Community, 7 May 2014)

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