Google Isn’t All there is: Alternative Search Engines for Perth SEO
January 30, 2015
Google Isn’t All there is: Alternative Search Engines for Perth SEO

It’s safe to say that Google is essentially the king of search engines. And what’s more amazing is that Google has the numbers to speak for itself: 1.17 billion unique searchers amounting to almost 12 billion searches per month. With such staggering statistics, Google has virtually no competition in being the perfect search engine for conventional users and Perth SEO practitioners, right?

Not exactly. Chances are, Google’s massive audience can lead to it spreading itself too thinly, leaving the door open for other search engines to step into the limelight. But what exactly are these “other” search engines?

Duck Duck Go – Not all people who look things up on the Web are fond of having their actions monitored—something that Google explicitly does as it tracks users’ search histories and stores such data in its servers. However, is the complete opposite. It is a search engine that places a premium on user privacy, as it doesn’t tamper even with the smallest bit of its users’ data.

Blekko – If there’s one search engine a Perth SEO company like Viper Online can help your business focus on, it’s Blekko. It prides itself as the “spam-free search engine,” committed to delivering results from the most reputable sites available. Aside from that, Blekko’s selling point is its use of “slashtags”, tools which filter results thoroughly. For instance, a user who wants to know where to buy a cake will receive more specific Blekko results if he or she types this way: chocolate cake / shop / restaurant.

Bing – Compared to other relatively well-known engines like Yahoo! or Ask, Microsoft’s Bing is considered the leading rival of Google in terms of worldwide searches—despite owning less than a 20th of global digital traffic. Hailed by many observers as the “decision engine”, Bing aims to help its users by offering suggestions in the leftmost column of the page, while also offering various search options at the top. Bing’s trademark is its use of colourful photographs as background images on its homepage, with hotspots displaying related links.

Yahoo! – Yahoo! is essentially the jack-of-all-trades of search engines. It’s also a reliable news aggregator, a shopping centre, an email inbox, a travel directory, a horoscope and games centre, and many more. Yahoo!’s plethora of features makes it a helpful site for beginner internet users.

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