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Here at Viper Gamezone we are passionate about games, not any old games but sensational games with awesome graphics, themes, educational play and adrenaline induced excitement! We focus on the details to ensure the end user has a fun and exciting experience so they are enticed to keep coming back for more. We have as much fun building the games as we do launching them on the online stores.

Marketing your Game

So you finally have your game – the build is complete, its available for download on the Appstore and Google Play, what next? Marketing your game is probably more important than building it! There are plenty of stories of businesses going under when they thought they had a great idea and produced a fantastic game – only to be bankrupted when nobody downloaded it and no revenue was generated…

At Viper Gamezone we do much more than produce great games! We specialise in marketing games via various channels including social media and advertising networks. With the correct strategy you’ll be able to market your game to millions of gamers all over the world and ultimately achieve your download goals resulting in increased traffic and revenue.

Game Maintenance, Client Interaction

Once your game is released it is important to keep in touch with your customers. The best way to keep in touch is with Push Notifications. Send a message directly to your entire clientele/database or anyone who has your game. The open rate from a push notification is 97% versus standard email marketing 3%. Gamers can be offered bonus time, bonus levels, extra features – whatever you need to increase your games popularity and ultimately downloads. From time to time you will need to provide an update for your game. This may incorporate new levels, extra player interaction, alternate platforms or general patches to fix any issues that may arise from time to time with the launch of new operating systems.

Game design & development, marketing & updating.

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