The Fundamental Metrics of SEO
August 18, 2016
The Fundamental Metrics of SEO

SEO provides a number of challenges for companies who are looking into building an empire online. The obstacles are worthwhile once companies have overcome them. SEO will assist business owners in developing a sustainable source of traffic for their website in the long run. Different search engines have their own distinct algorithm, and most aren’t shared to the public.

This is why marketers spend most of their time examining different SEO channels. Yet, sooner or later they recognise that there isn’t a widespread metric for SEO. There are different ways to produce traffic for a business, but they will depend on a set of core metrics.

Keyword Research

Keyword research was the cornerstone of Google’s algorithm when they first appeared on the web. Optimising titles and copy with the right keywords would earn organic traffic to a website. As the years progressed, Google decided to put more weight on quality content rather than the application of SEO tactics. This led to keywords being the only deciding factor of their algorithm.

If done properly, this will expose fears, frustrations and desires of the target audience. It will also serve as the barometer to identify if you’re making progress or not.

Inbound Links

In SEO today, backlinks are still one the most vital ranking factors. If you want to take full advantage of SEO, make sure you receive quality backlinks to your site. The Google Penguin update mentioned that all links are developed differently. You must realise the difference between quantity and quality backlinks.

Outbound Links

Outbound links, like backlinks, are a ranking element that assists in identifying the significance of your website. Once search engine spiders view you linking to an authority site, they will deem your brand as trustworthy. The secret is to link to related content. If your site is about fashion, don’t link it to a political article, unless you want Google to see your site as incongruent.

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