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To Infinity and Beyond the App Store: Apps According to Consumers

Before you even brush your teeth in the morning, it is highly likely that you would have already turned to a mobile app for something or other. Whether it is to calculate your coffee budget or to find the location of a meeting, or to count calories, one thing is certain: Mobile apps are an integral part of today’s society. These days, applications (otherwise known as apps) play a major role in an individual’s “I-want-to-do/I-want-to-go moments.” Apart from entertaining and informing users, apps also serve as powerful tools in building deeper customer relations. The perfect mobile app marketing strategy is one that complements a business’ offline experience. When done right, […]

Taking Advantage of User-Generated Content

No matter how great your training may be, you are not your company’s best salesperson. That title goes to your customers. Surprised? Let us explain. Consumers are becoming more and more sceptical of advertising and celebrity endorsements; they now demand something authentic from the brand. Now, with the Web 2.0 being dominated by consumers themselves, user-generated content (UGC) is on the rise and according to Crowdtap, consumers trust it 50% more than they do other media. In addition, shoppers who consume UGC are 97% more likely to convert than those who do not, according to Business Insider. That means if you don’t use UGC to your advantage, you will likely miss out on a […]

The Fundamental Metrics of SEO

SEO provides a number of challenges for companies who are looking into building an empire online. The obstacles are worthwhile once companies have overcome them. SEO will assist business owners in developing a sustainable source of traffic for their website in the long run. Different search engines have their own distinct algorithm, and most aren’t shared to the public. This is why marketers spend most of their time examining different SEO channels. Yet, sooner or later they recognise that there isn’t a widespread metric for SEO. There are different ways to produce traffic for a business, but they will depend on a set of core metrics. Keyword Research Keyword research […]

Take your Accounting Practice Online Today

Is Your Accounting Firm Searchable and Visible Online? Can your accounting firm be found by potential clients today? Thirty percent (30%) of your potential clients are looking for expert accounting services online, while only nineteen percent (19%) are relying on recommendations. They use several techniques in searching for firms, from search engines to social media to online reviews. Studies have found that clients go through five stages when selecting an accounting firm: They recognise a need, begin the search, pick the contenders, narrow the field, and select the firm. How do you get your potential clients choose you? Get a professional accounting firm website. Your website must have appealing design […]

Marketing Your Plumbing Business in a Competitive Environment

Running a successful plumbing business poses numerous challenges. Entering the plumbing industry is by no means a get rich quick scheme, and all successful plumbers and owners of plumbing businesses have credited their success to hard work, excellent customer service, expertise, as well as a great marketing strategy. Many plumbers prefer to market their services the traditional way they make a minimum number of sales calls per week, hand out an X number of business cards each day, and knock on doors to introduce themselves to prospective clients. Many also ask existing clients for referrals and go back to them periodically with new offerings. While these marketing tactics are obviously […]

Be More Popular to Potential Customers by Establishing Your Presence Online

More and more customers are turning to the Internet to look for plumbing contractors like yourself online. Be visible to them by having a website and being active on different online platforms. Through Digital Marketing, You Can Be More Visible to Potential Customers You may be the best plumber in your town or city, but if you don’t market your services online, you’ll lose out on an important source of business and revenue growth. Customers Research Online Before Acquiring Services It doesn’t matter if you’re targeting residential, commercial, or industrial customers, studies indicate that 89% of consumers use search engines before acquiring services. Are you showing up in the search […]

How App Developers in Perth Ensure That Your App Fulfils Its Purpose

How do you measure if a mobile app is successful or not? Success, in this instance, goes beyond the number of downloads or reviews you get from it. It’s also bigger than the lack of errors or bugs reported about the system. You need to ensure that the app runs smoothly across all the platforms and devices where it was meant to be used. You need to evaluate it based on factors that make the software popular and (or otherwise) amongst consumers. More importantly, you need to work closely with professional app developers in Perth so you can constantly check if the app is still contributing to your brand’s bottom […]

Perth SEO: 5 Restaurant Marketing Ideas to Get More Stellar Reviews

One way to get them to visit is to earn stellar reviews of your restaurant, so more people will associate Australia with great cuisine and superior hospitality. Those reviews and ratings will, in turn, serve as strong online marketing tools for your businesses. There’s not much better advertising, after all, than the kind where consumers praise your brand, your product and/or service offerings, and your impeccable customer service. You will need an integrated Perth search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy to help make your restaurant more visible online, attract more customers, and encourage them to post feedback about your restaurant online. Keep these tips in mind. Launch an easy-to-use, high-impact website […]

Perth SEO Practices: Three Aspects of SEO That Warrant Full Attention

To ensure a website’s authenticity and reliability, Google regularly comes up with algorithms called “spiders” that “crawl” and evaluate webpages for indicators that confirm whether or not a site provides value to users. Search engine optimisation, in a nutshell, is all about making sure these spiders are happy with what they see. Otherwise, you can expect your site’s rankings to plummet; Google might even ban it altogether.

Effective Perth SEO Practices That Help You Stay on Google’s Good Side

In the age of search engine optimisation, Google remains the influential force that determines what Perth SEO best practices website design and development companies such as Viper Online follow. For each act of wayward SEO, Google is entirely capable of slashing a site’s hard-earned search rankings, or even completely removing it from search results. Getting penalised by Google, therefore, is the last thing anyone would want. Jonathan Long writes in The Blog of Huffington Post about what needs to be done to avoid such consequences.