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But do you have access to advanced marketing research technology
to analyse your current online exposure, online traffic, and competition across target locations?

Do you have access to such technology that can provide you
insights on how to expand your brand’s online visibility?

We don’t want your business to suffer by missing out on a technology and service that has just recently been available.

And so we are reaching out to you.

You have a great brand. But your brand needs to be able to reach out to potential clients and connect with them.
Only then will you be able to fully benefit from it.

Well, you have found the right solution.

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Why Do You Need To Optimise Your Brand?

Are you aware of the power of online marketing in expanding your brand’s reach? How can it help you connect your brand to your customers?

Let these statistics speak for themselves:

69% of global consumers trust product information on branded websites.

85% of brands on Facebook recommend brands to others.

51% of active Twitter users follow companies, brands, or products on social networks.

93% of adults regularly or occasionally research products online before buying them in a store.

70% of global consumers trust online consumer reviews.

90% of global online consumers want brands to share content online.

96% of consumers find videos helpful for making online purchase decisions.

Your competitors know how much online marketing can help them build and optimise their brands,
that’s why they too are ramping up their efforts!

63% of marketers plan an increase in their brand advertising budgets.

42% of marketing companies integrate digital and brand strategies.

72% of marketers rate branded online content as more effective than magazine ads.

Give your brand the boost it needs to reach, attract, and engage customers who are looking for your services!

We can help your brand get the boost it deserves. Fill out the form or call us at (08) 9431-7317 so we can schedule your free consultation about our online marketing services today.

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Optimise your brand online with our cutting-edge Brand Optimisation Platform.

  • Advanced Data-driven Marketing Research
  • Solution: Brand Optimisation Services
  • Performance Reporting

  • Advanced Data-driven Marketing Research

    Marketing Research Report with Recommended Solution – With our custom marketing research report, you will be able to gain Brand Optimisation Insights on your current visibility per search traffic category, per location, and comparison with competitors. This will allow you to build your strategy with clear brand optimisation intelligence and identify what search traffic categories and locations to target and prioritise in your campaign.

    • Marketing Research Report Overview

    • Visibility Grade and Opportunity Rating per Search Traffic Category and Geo-targets

    • Target Locations Comparison per Search Traffic Category

    • Competition Analysis

  • Solution: Brand Optimisation Services

    • Website Optimisation

      This service is designed to analyse and fix all issues and errors found on your website. We will analyse and optimise the fundamentals of your site through a series of tactics such as Webmaster and Analytics Setup, Target Page Optimisation, Page Analysis, Meta Tags Optimisation, and more.

    • Brand Creation

      Through Brand Creation, we will provide a “face” for your brand by creating, designing and optimising your accounts in various social channels such as YouTube, Twitter, Google+, and Facebook.

    • Content Marketing (and Add-ons)

      By now, many marketers, including your competitors, have already realised the power of content when it comes to boosting brands online. We don’t want you to get left behind. With our Content Marketing services, we will ensure you remain relevant to users by regularly publishing articles and blog comments accompanied by social sharing and social signals.

      Ultimately, this will come with comprehensive website updates and a performance analysis report. You may also opt to make use of content marketing add-ons such as press release marketing, review marketing, video marketing, and image marketing to further boost your brand.

  • Performance Reports

    We will let you track and see the progress of your Brand Optimisation through our revolutionary performance reports. With this, you will see your Site Traffic, Search Engine Exposure, and Positive Momentum as we continuously work on your campaign.

    • Search Engine Exposure

      The Search Engine Exposure Report shows your brand exposure in the search engines broken down by Search Type, Page Rankings, and Keywords Breakdown.

    • Site Traffic

      The Site Traffic Report shows how much traffic your clients are getting from Organic, Referral, Social, Direct and Paid Sources. It also shows Site Page Performance comprised of Impressions, Average Ranking, Page Views, Bounces, Bounce Rate and Time on Page.

    • Positive Momentum

      Through the Positive Momentum Report, you'll see the positive results on your campaign performance that are bound to influence and boost other performance metrics that need improvement. You'll understand the strengths that we will capitalise on through the Positive Momentum Report as we continue with your campaign, optimising your Brand further and further.

Join the number of businesses that we have helped in marketing their brands online and gain:

  • Improved Brand Awareness
  • Increased Visibility and Traffic
  • More Leads and Loyal Customers
  • More Opportunities to Grow your Business

Give your brand the boost it needs to reach, attract, and engage customers who are looking for your services!

We can help your brand get the boost it deserves. Fill out the form or call us at (08) 9431-7317 so we can schedule your free consultation about our online marketing services today.

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