Blog Better, Rank Higher: Amp Blog Visibility with Perth SEO Experts
April 4, 2014
Blog Better, Rank Higher: Amp Blog Visibility with Perth SEO Experts

Blogging is one of those pastimes where you can pour your thoughts out on many topics for any intrepid reader to pore over. On her personal website, The Wonder Forest, Dana Fox says:

“Alright, bloggers and website owners. Let’s sit down for a cup’a tea and talk to the S to the E to the O. What is SEO? It stands for Search Engine Optimization and you’ve probably heard of the term if you’ve been around the Internet for a while.

SEO is important because, in simple terms, it is how people find your site in search engines. Search engine traffic can contribute to a huge amount of your visitors, and if done right, can boost your presence online. “

Operating a blog will certainly appeal to avid computer users in Perth. Several businesses in the city have their own blogs, and a number of bloggers passionately write about various things that make the City of Lights a wonderful place. When your blog is full of good content but has yet to break through the walls of obscurity, Perth SEO specialists like Viper Online can make things work for you.

“Choose Your Words Carefully, Mr. Bond…”

A title that follows SEO principles helps search engines gauge the proper rankings for the page. Fox says the titles should be based on what phrases users may be typing into the search engine tab. Your SEO specialist may assist by tweaking the blog’s HTML code in such a way that when the post is searched, its title will come first then the name of the blog site (eg “Blog Title –, plus wrap the titles/subheadings in HTML tags.

Keyword Jam

It’s always been said that content is King and a highly-visible blog is worthless if you’ve only been writing fluff all along. Fox says that you still have to write in such a way that the prime keyword naturally flows in the text but only sparingly, as search engines are skilled at finding and penalizing blog posts crammed with so many keywords in one blow. Any tags you place on the post are not meant to be keywords; instead they help categorize the posts for easier searching.

Image Lock

Sometimes, quality posts will work if there’s something worth looking at that complements it. When uploading an image, change the title from the stock filename to a filename that syncs well with the post. If you got the image from another site, give due credit in the captions.

If you’re gearing your blog to be a professional site, a SEO company from Perth like Viper Online will be your way to go. When tweaked right, more people are bound to stick around for your latest post.

(Source: SEO Basics for Bloggers – 10 Tips for Better Search Engine Optimization, The Wonder Forest)

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