Be Conversational: The Secret to Winning over Voice Search
August 10, 2016
Be Conversational: The Secret to Winning over Voice Search

The popularity of Siri, Google Now, and Cortana is causing businesses to face the challenge of optimizing their websites for voice searches. According to Google, 55% of teens and 41% of adults talk to their smartphones when asking for directions or doing other activities like watching television, exercising, or cooking. Hence, websites need to make sure their content is easily searchable, not only through search bar searches but also every time a person uses voice search.

Long-Tail Keywords

Many SEO experts say that one way to win over voice inquiries is to keep the website content conversational. Users are now typing in or asking Siri long keywords as if they’re delivering the query to a normal human being. They are now more specific with their searches to find precise answers to their inquiries. For instance, instead of dictating the phrase “search engine optimization” to Siri, users are more likely to ask, “How can I improve the Google rankings of my website?”

So, with this factor in mind, businesses need to start using longer keywords in their SEO strategies rather than the conventional shorter and vague keywords.

Natural Speech Patterns

The content of a website should not revolve merely around longer keywords, however. Businesses also need to ensure their website’s content uses natural speech patterns. While using jargon may help a website appear professional, excessive use of it will hurt the website’s visibility to search engines. Voice searches typically involve users asking questions using everyday English. So, the website content must match the way consumers speak on their smartphones.

By being conversational, websites can keep up with the increasingly popular voice searches and boost their search engine rankings as well.

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