App Developers in Perth: Improve Business Interaction with Mobile Apps
September 16, 2014
App Developers in Perth: Improve Business Interaction with Mobile Apps

Creating a mobile app has turned out to be one of the prime weapons needed for marketing a business. Writer Paul Lin states in his article for The Australian’s Business Spectator section:

When it comes to consumer apps, games such as Angry Birds, Candy Crush Saga, and Plants vs Zombies are a global phenomenon. Their success lies in the simple and intuitive formula of making them fun, charging money for in-game purchases (or per app), and growing the user base exponentially by social network sharing and invites.

The popularity of apps like these has triggered a fundamental flaw in the strategic thinking of corporate marketers.

Companies unconsciously have the misconception that all apps need to be fun, have a huge user base and promote lots of sharing. When it comes to building mobile apps to achieve a corporate result, this is not the case.

Business operators in Perth understand the importance of online connections to grab the attention of customers. Some people say much of the city has advanced in leaps and bounds over the past decade alone, and the expansion of communication outlets made the development of more interactive business features possible. If your business aims to cement its market share and improve interaction with customers, start on the right track by consulting app developers from Perth like Viper Online.

Development stage

Assembling your app requires deliberation on what features to include and how to fit them into your business operations. Lin suggests meeting with an experienced and skilled mobile app developer to identify workable solutions to your ideas at the development stage. He rules out stacking features that are supposedly “cool” but may not be usable most of the time.

More work, less play

Consumer apps, especially in the context of a business interaction tool, should be strictly limited to just that. Lin states that by eliminating the thought that business apps are synonymous to casual games, you can more clearly define the actual purpose of your program and how it can uniquely serve your goal. For instance, some apps can be tapped to alert users of special app-specific offers.

Where to download?

Since iPhone customers have more complex access capabilities, an iPhone app developer in Perth can assist you in creating programs accessible through iOS devices. Depending on the functions you plan to integrate, you may have the app accessible through App Store as a pay-to-download or free item. You may opt to set up a link on your mobile website leading to the App Store page, too.

When app development is given ample thought, with the help of skilled mobile app developers like Viper Online, it becomes an effective business marketing tool.

(Source: Five steps to creating a successful mobile app, the Australia, 20 May 2014)

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