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It’s easy to believe that someone has already cracked the code of online marketing. As the laws of anything digital are just various compositions and strings of algorithms, it shouldn’t be that hard, right?

Yes, that’s almost always the carefree way to go about the idea. But, if you’re truly knowledgeable about the topic, you know that trying to beat the system can have very unfortunate repercussions.

As a digital marketing company in Perth with proven methods and procedures, we know too well that trying to get ahead by sheer force — without a sustainable plan — is a bad idea.

The Best Example That Hurt Millions of Businesses

Before complicated subjects such as ‘user experience’, ‘relevance’ and ‘unique content’ became the standard, SEO companies used to commit every mistake possible. Since the digital world used to be less complex, stuffing a website with keywords is what pushed its rankings – until the updates took place.

Google Panda Repercussion

This update either removed the website from the rankings or pushed it back to an out-of-the-grid results page that no one would care to look into. This affected websites with plagiarised and thin or fluffy content.

Google Penguin Repercussion

Same as the panda update, this one affected those who took advantage of the prior systems. Websites with questionable tactics were penalised or even banned from re-entering the results pages, forcing both SEO companies and businesses to scrap all their previous digital marketing efforts and start anew.

SEO Done Right the First Time and Every Time

With these updates, it’s clear that what triumphs are honest and natural means of doing things. A business done right will always produce better results. That’s exactly how we at Viper Online address our clients’ needs.


Websites & Ecommerce

Websites built utilising multiple platforms. WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Prestashop, ASP.NET, pHp, Magento just to name a few. Our professional team of web designers and web developers will surprise you! Take a quick look at our sprawling portfolio.

Mobile Websites

Mobile Websites & Apps

Viper Online designs and develops cutting edge mobile websites and business apps. Mobile is the future and mobile domination is here now. Take a look at our portfolio for all things mobile.

Online Marketing

SEO – Search & Social Marketing

At Viper Online Marketing we ensure your online presence is maximised to its full potential. Online marketing is a crucial part of any online business success. Our portfolio includes clients utilising our services for SEO, PPC, SMM and LCP just to name a few.


Games Development & Design

Viper Gamezone is where we make awesome games! Education, Fun, Excitement, Adrenaline, Puzzle, Young, Old – any theme, any age, we love them all. Entertainment is now in the palm of your hands. See our range of  IOS and Android games on our portfolio page.


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Since signing with Viper Online are sales have increased 40%. Go with these guys, they know their stuff
Gino Vallenlonga
Gino Vallenlonga
Combat Defence Sytems
Nothing is ever a problem, even all the way over here in Los Angeles. Cant recommend you enough. Thanks
Rachel Sterling
Rachel Sterling
Rachel Sterling Inc
Great work Viper Online. We had been with two other web companies before we were recommended to you.
Bret Hooper
Bret Hooper
BCH Pty Ltd